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mardi 26 juin 2012

THE FIXTURES - Screw the world 7" (1994)

Groupe punk HC formé au milieu des 80 au chant fortement influencé par les Dead Kennedys (ce qui peut expliquer la sortie de leur 3ème album sur Alternative Tentacles) ou Das Klown.

Formed in the middle of 80's, The Fixtures play a punk HC music with a vocal influenced by bands like Dead Kennedys or Das Klown.

Télécharger / Download : THE FIXTURES - Screw the world 7"

Discographie / Discography :
1993 : "Entartete kunst" (House O'Pain Records)
1994 : "Screw the world" (Know Records)
2000 : "Forward" (Gate To Hell Records)
1986 : "Dangerous music" (Autoproduction)
1990 : "Defect" (Autoproduction)
1996 : "Devil's playground" (Alternative Tentacles Rds)
1999 : "One crisis short of chaos" (Know Rds)

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  1. I love the Fixtures, I wish they were still around they kicked ass every time they played Las Vegas