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lundi 16 avril 2012

THE DISTRACTION - Calling all radios LP (2002)

Unique album de ce combo américain au son très garage et à rapprocher du punk 77 de groupes tels que The Briefs ou Dean Dirg.

Only album for this American band playing punk '77 close to bands like The Briefs or Dean Dirg.

Télécharger / Download : THE DISTRACTION - Calling all radios LP

Discographie / Discography :
2002 : Split w/ The Briefs (Radio Blast Recordings)
2003 : "Autodestruct" (Unity Squad Rds)
           Split w/ The Hatepinks (Lollipop Rds)
2004 : "More Trouble at the V" (TKO Rds)
2002 : "Calling all radios" (Radio Blast Recordings / Dirtnap Rds)

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    1. Don't find back my original rip.
      New link available with the version I have on my hard disk (more or less 200 kbps).
      I hope the quality fits you.